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How to Lower Cooling Costs Without Sacrificing Comfort

As summer begins, many Texas homeowners wonder how they can keep their cooling costs affordable without resigning themselves to living in sweltering heat. At Brown & Sons Plumbing, we have helped numerous homeowners discover solutions that don’t involve giving up their home comfort. Homeowners who want to know how to lower cooling costs should start…

Don’t Become Overheated if Your AC Stopped Working in the House

If your AC stopped working in the house, things could get warm pretty fast, particularly during the long hot days of summer. The air-conditioning experts at Brown & Sons Plumbing can help you keep your cool with AC service and by providing speedy, affordable help if something breaks. Prevent the Problem One of the best…

Keep Cool During AC Problems in Home or Work Settings

During hot Texas weather, a cool home is a happy home. At Brown & Sons Plumbing, we are all too familiar with calls from customers who are having AC problems in home or business spaces. During the short time it takes for a specialist to arrive to make an emergency repair, there are a few…

How to Snake a Drain Using an Auger Tool

From your bathroom shower to the kitchen sink, your drains are one of the most-used components of your home plumbing system. Constant and varied daily use can quickly cause these sites to become clogged, leading to water backup issues, poor water pressure, and even foul odors. Keeping a basic plumber’s auger, or sewer snake, on…

Why Is My AC Blowing Warm Air?

A malfunctioning air conditioner can be a big hassle, especially on hot summer days. One common question that we at Brown & Sons Plumbing hear from clients is, “Why is my AC blowing warm air?” There are a few things that could cause this, some of which are described below. 1. The Air Filter Is…

How a Power Outage Could Lead to Water Heater Repair

Wintertime creates a number of situations that can damage essential elements in your home, including your water heater. At Brown & Sons Plumbing, we have been helping people cope with inclement weather by providing dependable water heater repair and other plumbing services before and after the storm passes. Cold temperatures may not damage your water…

Save Money With Regular Maintenance for Gas Heaters

If you rely on a gas heater to keep your home warm, knowing how to properly maintain it is the key to saving money and escaping the stress of an emergency repair. At Brown & Sons Plumbing, we offer full-service gas heater repairs and installations, but we also recommend that homeowners understand the basics of…

Do You Need a Water Heater Repair or Replacement?

Homeowners use their water heaters everyday for many different functions. Without a properly working water heater, it is difficult to cook, shower, and do laundry. For this reason, it is important to contact Brown & Sons Plumbing as soon as you notice a problem with this essential heater. Our trusted Denton plumbers will come to…

Call Brown & Sons When You Need Emergency Plumbing Repair

Plumbing is one of those systems in your home that you probably don’t think about too much. As long as it works properly, it doesn’t require a lot of attention. However, when a pipe suddenly bursts due to freezing temperatures or your toilet backs up all over the floor, you realize very quickly how important…

Stop Shivering and Call the Heating Repair Specialists

With frigid cold temperatures hitting many parts of the United States this winter, it’s no time to be dealing with a broken furnace. Living in Texas, we’ve been spared the worst of the harsh temperatures, but it still gets plenty cold when the sun goes down and you can only put on so many layers….

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