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Maintenance Helps to Avoid Emergency Plumbing Repair

In terms of situations that a homeowner would like to avoid having to deal with, the need for emergency plumbing repair has to be at the top of the list. There are few things worse than the realization that you are in need of an emergency service to repair a plumbing issue. The need for…

Without Gas Leak Detection, an Exploding Home is a Possibility

If you have a gas leak in your home, even the smallest leak can turn into a real problem quickly without proper gas leak detection. At Brown & Sons Plumbing, we can protect you and your loved ones from the threat of a gas leak with our leak detection services. A Small Leak Causes a…

Routine Maintenance and Sustainable Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless water heaters are becoming more and more popular as a growing number of homeowners are aware of their benefits. These water heaters heat water only when it is needed and might save the average homeowner a pretty good chunk of their utility bills when compared to other water heaters. In order to realize these…

Signs You Need to Know for Proper Gas Leak Detection

Do you know what signs and signals indicate that a gas leak is present on your property? Many of the people we talk to are not familiar with all the signs of an outdoor gas leak. By educating themselves, they can know when to inform a member of the Brown & Sons Plumbing team that…

Service Calls for Heating Repair Stack Up

For a heating repair specialist, business starts to boom when the temperature starts to drop. The list of service calls piles up daily as customers suddenly get concerned about their furnaces with the hint of winter in the air. The calls keep coming in even as the repairman drives to each appointment. Brown & Sons…

Expert Plumbing Repair in Denton

There are few things that homeowners find more frustrating than problems with a home’s plumbing. If you are constantly putting up with leaking faucets, high water bills, or other problems, it is probably time to consider plumbing repair. Here at Brown & Sons Plumbing, we offer a variety of plumbing services. Our professional plumbing technicians…

Why You Should Hire Heating Repair Services Before Winter Arrives

Preparing your home for wintertime can be stressful, especially if you have to deal with common household problems such as broken heaters that require heating repair services. Luckily, Brown & Sons Plumbing can take some of the stress off your shoulders by helping you with your Denton heater repair needs. If possible, it is always…

Electric Heaters Bring Many Benefits

As the weather begins to cool, having the ability to keep your home warm is very important to your family’s comfort level. Brown & Sons Plumbing has plenty of experience installing electric heaters that can do the job and provide the radiating heat that you want in your home. Making the switch to electric heating…

Plumbing Maintenance: Don’t Flush Non-Decomposable Wipes

As a smart consumer, you are likely checking the labels on the common household items you purchase to be sure they are flushable before putting them down the drain. While this is a good practice, some consumers have recently found that the labels on many of these items are misleading. If your plumbing system has…

Advantages of Electric Heaters

If you don’t have access to propane or natural gas where you live, then electric heaters might be one of your best options for keeping your home nice and warm during the colder months of the year. Brown & Sons Plumbing can help you find the very best electric heater for your home, and we…

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